I’ve continued on with the oil painting. I did that one based on the photo of the tree farm:

tree farm

Here’s how it ended up. I’m not entirely thrilled, but it was a difficult project for a beginner:


The branches are a bit too broad. I’ve started having trouble with my small tapered brushes spreading out.


Some depth


The human figure at the bottom–I like how her cloak turned out!

My next idea was to do a truly surreal image. I was thinking about “Ritrovamenti” by Franco Fortunato:


Furniture in a landscape. And then I thought, what if the landscape WAS the furniture?

Thus: “Moving Day”


Some of it didn’t turn out quite as I’d hoped, but on the whole, I’m pretty proud of it. And I did it in two days flat! It required painting on wet, which I HATE, but it worked out okay.



I am most proud of how the deer turned out.b (2)

If you look closely, you will see that there are casters on his feet. That’s the sun leaning against his leg.

The mountain and the tree:


For these I actually looked up how to paint mountains and trees online and practiced on a bit of cardboard first. I think I like the versions on the cardboard better than the ones in the painting…


I also looked up how to do clouds, and that didn’t turn out so hot. Ugh, I HATE painting on wet… Anyway, I don’t have a photo of the cloud because I wasn’t thrilled about it. lol

I already have a plan for a couple of small, moonlit paintings next!


2 thoughts on “Surrealism

  1. Wow! Very talented! I absolutely love the one with the tree farm. I think the colors are really unique and beautiful. I know that oil paints are not the easiest medium to work with, and you seem to be quite skilled at it! I haven’t been brave enough to try them yet. I have mostly been painting with acrylics.

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