What Will Heaven Be Like?

There is one topic in Christianity that garners a great deal of attention–and yet many people know very little about it. This is the topic of heaven, and what it will be like. The popularity of this topic can be seen in the interest in near-death experiences. However, the idea that most people have of heaven is highly inaccurate in terms of what the Bible actually says.

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Youth Activities and Gender

I recently accepted a job as my church’s summer youth pastor. I was surprised by the suggestion at first, but then realized that I’ve done a lot of teaching of teenagers in my career, and I’m a pretty knowledgeable layperson, so it actually makes sense. My only misgiving was with my health and related issues: I knew that being a youth pastor could be physically grueling and involve a lot of activities I don’t particularly enjoy, so I thought some of the job might be tough. And then I had some interesting conversations this morning with one of the women who works with the youth group.

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