The Sin of Despair?

The last appointment I had with my counselor, I thought going into it I didn’t have a lot to talk about, but by the end I was in tears and feeling awful. I came home and basically told my mom, “I’m miserable. I feel like everything’s hopelessĀ and God doesn’t care about me.”

My mom’s answer was one that, in theory, I probably would have said was a bad answer to give somebody with depression, but it was exactly the right thing to say in this case: “You can’t think like that. You FEEL that way, but you KNOW it isn’t true. You have to fight it.”

And she was absolutely right. I KNEW she was right: I had been feeling okay that morning before the counseling session, and I knew that I had basically talked myself into my horrible, despairing mood. So I knew it was possible to talk myself out again.

In a move that is probably going to give you all mental whiplash, I should like to turn to the subject of the Seven Deadly Sins.


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