God Bless My Lyme Doc

I got my Lyme diagnosis, I got my treatment, and my Lyme doctor said he didn’t think I was exhibiting any signs of Lyme disease anymore. Great, right? Except… not. Because I still felt like crap. So then I began to wonder: did I have yet ANOTHER underlying chronic ailment?

Back to the drawing board…

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Getting Results

So, I’ve never yet told the story of how I got my Lyme disease diagnosis. And I feel like this is possibly the most important part of the story to share, because it can serve as an example of how to get things done, medically–and an example of when you should fire your doctor.

Yes, you!

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The Sin of Despair?

The last appointment I had with my counselor, I thought going into it I didn’t have a lot to talk about, but by the end I was in tears and feeling awful. I came home and basically told my mom, “I’m miserable. I feel like everything’s hopelessĀ and God doesn’t care about me.”

My mom’s answer was one that, in theory, I probably would have said was a bad answer to give somebody with depression, but it was exactly the right thing to say in this case: “You can’t think like that. You FEEL that way, but you KNOW it isn’t true. You have to fight it.”

And she was absolutely right. I KNEW she was right: I had been feeling okay that morning before the counseling session, and I knew that I had basically talked myself into my horrible, despairing mood. So I knew it was possible to talk myself out again.

In a move that is probably going to give you all mental whiplash, I should like to turn to the subject of the Seven Deadly Sins.


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