Pin Curls Finale

Well, the Halloween party was EXCELLENT, and so was my hair.

I wet set it after my shower the night before, just two curls on each side. I wrapped a scarf around it so I wouldn’t disarrange it in my sleep, then left the pin curls all day. When I got dressed almost 24 hours later, I took out the pins, pulled down the curls… And they fell PERFECTLY, just like I wanted! Sprayed them with a bit of hairspray, and they stayed all night. The rest of the Elizabeth Bennet costume above is the handiwork of my friend Jen, who is an AMAZING costumier. She made a number of the costumes that were worn last night.


Examples of her handiwork

Carrie also hosts an excellent party. The theme of last night’s party was “Hogwarts Hocus”: characters from all kinds of fictional worlds were being enrolled at Hogwarts. Carrie had set up her dining room as the Great Hall, with battery-operated candles hanging from fishing line from the ceiling to make it look like they were floating!


Carrie as Pam from HR (from Archer)

Jen herself was the Sorting Hat. She would ask each new student a couple of questions, like, “If someone offers a penny for your thoughts and you give them your two cents… where does the other penny go?” Or my personal favorite, “Imagine a world where there are no hypothetical situations.” Based on the answers, she would sort you into your house: the four original Hogwarts houses, plus Sparklypoo, Witchywitch, Canonblort, and Waffle House. I got Ravenclaw (natch).


Dementor: I’m sucking out your soul!
Jen: I have no soul! I’m a hat–AND a ginger!

I was worried about role-playing as Eliza Bennet all night, because I had trouble staying in character the only other time I was in an RP setting. But this was “soft RP,” which meant you could go out of character if you wanted. It was also easier because we were in a party, so you weren’t performing for a whole roomful of people at once, just the individuals you were talking to.


Eliza Bennet and Peggy Carter got on swimmingly.

I also like playing Eliza Bennet while being silly. One of the most fun parts of the evening was when Carrie announced that anyone who had eaten the macaroni would revert to the age of five for about ten minutes. I sat there and kicked my feet, and every time a guy walked into the room, I would say in a little-kid voice, “ARE YOU A GENTLEMAN OF GOOD FORTUNE? MAMA SAYS I CAN ONLY MARRY A GENTLEMAN OF GOOD FORTUNE.” I also told five-year-old Remus Lupin about the time Jane and I fed our little sister Mary pickles and milk to see if it was ACTUALLY poisonous. “Well, actually, I gave her the pickles and milk. Jane stood there and said, ‘I don’t think you should be doing that, Eliza!'”

Try and stop me…

There were some magic shenanigans, too. You could do a wizards’ duel. I declared that I had always wanted to duel, and challenged Rapunzel, who made Galavant do it. His spell didn’t really do anything to me, but mine made his voice really loud, so he basically deafened me. Later I decided to randomly use some magic, so I did a spell to blindfold Carrie/Pam. I needed both my hands to tie the blindfold, so I made her hold my wand. Tactical error. She stupefied me. I got revenge later by giving her a laughing spell, and Rapunzel disarmed me. I borrowed a wand to get mine back, and someone made my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth and then someone else made me float.

Ya make one false move…

All in all, it was a delight.


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