Pin Curls

So that mental/physical health day I took today has gone GREAT. I got up early, got breakfast with Mom at McD’s, we went swimming, then I came back and went through my readers’ notes/revisions on my book’s introduction. So I’ve had a productive day.

But it turns out the most time-consuming of my tasks today is figuring out how to do my hair for the Halloween party tomorrow night: how do to front curls for Elizabeth Bennet.

“How do you get those ringlets?” “By the application of hot irons!”

The first part of the hairstyle was easy: partition off the front section (with a center part) and put up the rest in a bun. Mom said it made me look REALLY different.

Not the most attractive photos of me ever, but you get the idea.

Then the difficult part: the curls. My original thought was to just use a curling iron. I’ve had some terrible luck with curling irons before, and this held true today: I could NOT get my hair curled with one. It turns out my hair is too long for the curling iron to be effective: it would curl the bottom half of each strand, but couldn’t get the top half.

Half-curled hair: NOT what I was going for.

So, plan B. I looked up how to do pin curls on Youtube.

Grabbed the comb, what bobby pins I could find, and the 4X MEGA HOLD hairspray–the kind only used for charcoal drawings and ballet performance hair–and got to work.

It took me a few tries–and some very sore arms–before I figured out how to do it, but then it wasn’t too bad. However, I ran out of bobby pins when I was only halfway through. So I had to go to the store to get more. With my hair half-up in pins.


So yes, I covered my hair in a scarf. Dad told me I looked like Lord Byron.

He’s not wrong.

Anyway, I got the bobby pins and finished pinning up my hair. Here’s the final product, all pinned and hairsprayed.


I’m going to leave it up for several hours and then unpin it tonight and see what it looks like. If it works, I’ll post more photos. The only thing is that I’m going to have to go around like this all day tomorrow in preparation for the party! Expecting to get weird looks… Either that, or I could find a different scarf.


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