Sitting at the book fair

I’m sitting at a book fair at Bosler Memorial Library in Carlisle, PA, talking to the author sharing my table. Her husband is dealing with a genetic disease that presents like Addison’s disease, and I told her I was currently struggling with Lyme disease. She asked if I had a blog about it, and when I said I didn’t, suggested I start one. “It helps make these chronic diseases visible,” she pointed out. “And it might help somebody who’s also struggling with Lyme.”

She’s absolutely right.

Besides, I’m the kind of person who likes to tell you all about myself and tell stories about my life. I’ve got a number of other blogs on various topics on Tumblr, including one on which I told the stories of dealing with an insane downstairs neighbor and a narcissistic roommate. But for some reason, writing about my experience with Lyme never occurred to me.

Maybe it’s because we only figured out what it was I had a few months ago–even though I’m pretty sure I’ve had it for about eight years. Maybe it’s because I’m still so deep in it that I barely have energy to do my part-time job sometimes, and am not at my most creative. Whatever the reason, I’m only just starting this now, even though, as I said, the struggle began almost a decade ago.

So I’m going to have to do a retrospective to give you the full story. I didn’t take notes of my experiences at the time (who would think to do that?) so hopefully it’ll be accurate. And I hope it will help people who are also dealing with undiagnosed problems, chronic illnesses, depression or anxiety–or just want something interesting and entertaining to read. Give me a little digital wave so I know somebody’s listening as I shout into the ether!

(Oh, and here’s my book.)


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